Returns and exchanges also generate internet sales

Online merchants have exactly the same obligations as physical merchants with respect to the exchange and return policy. In fact, these are set out in various laws and regulations. However, their importance in building customer loyalty is much greater due to the intrinsic characteristics of the environment in which they operate, and return policies are particularly relevant in the online fashion world, a sector that, although not starting off strongly, is experiencing unstoppable exponential growth. But why are return policies so important in the online fashion universe and why do they have the capacity to attract new customers and retain existing ones? The answer is simpler than it may seem.

It has happened to everyone that, when trying to return a garment, they have been refused by the employee on duty for whatever reason, or they have simply not been offered the possibility of recovering their money but have had to settle for a discount voucher for the amount paid previously. The return of items bought online in the event that they have a defect or, in the case of fashion, are not the right size, for example, is one of the biggest concerns of consumers. Therefore, when they find an online store specializing in fashion such as or, to a greater extent, Zalando, which has a clear, concise and, above all, very effective return and exchange policy, they are usually automatically loyal to it. Therefore, when other users search for information on a certain website and find favorable and positive opinions, they tend to buy on those sites.

In short, it is clear what we said at the beginning of the article, ie, that return policies are even more valuable in online shops than in traditional ones because, moreover, when done and applied correctly, are able to attract new potential customers willing to make a purchase.

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