Discounts and promotions, an ecommerce strategy that works

There are many strategies that can be used in the ecommerce sector, but not all of them work the same way. Some work better than others, which makes it important to emphasize those that work at a high level. This exquisite group includes the management of discounts and promotions, with which it is possible to please customers and ensure that they will make a high volume of purchases. But applying them is not as easy as you might imagine, and it is advisable to apply a series of factors: Playing with the sense of urgency One of the techniques that provide the best results in the application of promotions in online stores is the creation of a sense of urgency.

This means the step through which a user cannot resist the temptation to make an acquisition when he or she discovers what is being offered. A suitable way to do this is through very time-limited promotions, such as 24-hour promotions, or those in which the number of units is reduced. To create even more of a sense of urgency, it is preferable that the number of units left in stock be displayed live, which will result in the customer needing to make the purchase as soon as possible.different price rangesDepending on the type of business involved, ecommerce can also adopt a price scale philosophy. This way they can provide the customer with a service or product for a certain cost, but improve the proposal for an additional expense.

In many online shops this is done by offering the joint purchase of several items related to a small discount that makes the great opportunity visible. It's part of the idea of selling the user more than what they are actually interested in buying. Free shipping costsOffering free shipping on all items purchased within a specific time period is another idea that works. It has a special acceptance in online stores dedicated to the world of clothing, where you can buy items such as party dresses, where it is specifically appreciated not to pay shipping.

It is also common to make offers in which not only are free shipping costs guaranteed, but the bar is raised to raise it a bit higher and ensure free returns in case of any size problem.

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