Becoming Rich with Bitcoin: Dream or Reality?

We've all dreamed about it at least once... Stop working 35 hours to live modestly... To live the life of a palace without having to lift a finger thanks to a juicy investment... What if the dream you've had so often is anything but a utopia? In 2012, Bitcoin, a virtual currency created on January 3, 2009 by Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto, was estimated at less than 0.05 USD.

A decade later, one Bitcoin is worth a mere $7,000! Do you realize how meteoric its rise is? This means that a person who invested $1,000 in 2012 would now be at the head of a fortune of more than $340 million.With Bitcoin, becoming a millionaire has never seemed so easy. Dream or reality? It's hard to decide...

Those mouth-watering storiesDo you know

Erik Finman? At the age of 19, the story of this young German boy is a true ode to Bitcoin...At the age of 12, Erik Fikman realizes that he and the classical school system have little in common. At 15, he decided to leave school against his parents' wishes. Not to offend them, he promises to go back to university if he hasn't become a millionaire by the time he's 18.The bet won for the young man, who now owns more than $1.5 million in cryptomoney, and he's not the only one.

Overnight, a Swede became a millionaire thanks to Bitcoins that they had bought (and forgotten) several years before. Of course, it makes you dream...


visually, Bitcoin is an imposing currency. Try searching for the term Bitcoin in an image bank ... It's all about opulence and ostentatious luxury, so don't let these seductive visuals fool you.

The reality is quite different. In 2012, when the price of Bitcoin was still incredibly low, it was easy to make a fortune with this currency. Today, one unit of Bitcoin is estimated to be $7,409.03 USD... It becomes immediately more difficult to penetrate the market.

The most affordable option is to buy Satoshi and keep your fingers crossed... It is not impossible to become rich with Bitcoin but it will be far from easy... Ten years ago, cryptomoney was low valued and worth almost nothing. That's why anonymous people were able to buy large numbers of them for a pittance, and when virtual currencies exploded, they made huge profits.

These legends have helped to make money even more famous and therefore even more expensive, so don't expect to become instantly rich with Bitcoin. You can make big money, but it will take time and a lot of insight.

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