3 ways to finance the launch of your web platform

Launching a digital platform can be extremely expensive... For the Internet user, it is just a website on which he or she can connect with other people or buy products/services. But professionals know that it is much more than that... Between the development of the software, the renting of the servers, the payment of the multiple employees needed to set it up and the communication/marketing budget, the bill can very quickly become salty.

Yes, investing in digital can be extremely expensive...If you don't have the means to fully finance your project, don't give up. After all, it's also thanks to its incredible fundraising stories that digital entrepreneurship is on the rise.

1) Turning to the banksDon'

t make that face... Banks have a reputation for being tough, but that doesn't mean they don't finance start-up projects. To convince a banker to trust you, your business plan will have to be made of reinforced concrete.

Instead of hypothetical figures, prefer concrete achievements. If you have already tested your idea on a small scale, it will be even better. As far as guarantees are concerned, try to contribute at least 30%. How do you want the bank to invest in your idea when you don't?

2) Using crowdfundingYou'

ve probably seen it coming from miles around.

How can you not mention crowdfunding when it comes to launching a start-up? Without the internet and the emergence of new communication technologies, this type of financing would never have seen the light of day... Today, the original version has been added two variants: debt-crowdfunding, which calls for participative loans and equity-crowdfunding, which allows people interested in your project to buy shares. If you decide to take this route to set up your company, you will really have a lot of choices.

3) Asking the State for helpEvery

time you go to the checkout of a supermarket, you get a twinge in your heart? When the painful moment comes to go to the General Treasury Department, you run with a scowl on your face... It's time for the taxes you pay to be put to good use, and the State offers a lot of aid to all those who want to become wealth creators.

Depending on the organization, the support can take the form of grants, installation aid or tax exemptions. It's a great help when you want to start your own business with a small budget. It is also a great help if you want to start your own business with a small budget. If the republic has agreed to grant you a loan of honour, why shouldn't they trust you?.

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